As a Microsoft Partner, we have had the pleasure of setting up Micrsoft Sharepoint to help companies solve a diverse range of problems. Off the shelf, Microsoft Sharepoint is able to provide advanced document management solutions with built in process workflows and multi-tiered security. Learning to configure, manage, and use such a tool can be complex. We are able to assist in setup and training so that you can save money get the most out of your investment.


Even though Sharepoint comes with built in workflows to handle things like notifications and approval processes, it actually contains an even more powerful workflow engine called the Windows Workflow Foundation. This engine empowers developers to create custom workflows to help automate and streamline business processes. We have created custom workflows and tasks that have helped our clients automate complex multi-level tasks like media production, event planning and marketing campaigns. If you have invested in Sharepoint, you should make sure you are getting the savings that you want by making tasking and communication as efficient as possible.


We have helped our clients make communication more efficient through the use of intranet publishing and team sites. Building a solid base for your company’s intranet allows for easy document management, sharing, collaboration, and timely communication. We have configured clients’ sharepoint systems to respond to teams needs including wikis, forums, document libraries, online form submissions, blogs, and company news updates. We can help you get the most out of your Microsoft Sharepoint system to save your employees’ time and your business’s money.


It’s a common misconception that Microsoft Sharepoint is only good for internal document management or intranet sites. The fact is, Sharepoint can be used to power your company’s public facing websites as well, with built in features like easy to use page and content publishing and an extensible web farm infrastructure. Using Sharepoint, we have created highly trafficed, full eCommerce websites including the Joel Osteen Ministries Website, the Lakewood Church Website and The Flippen Group’s Flipside+ Web Application.


We have used the built in Sharepoint APIs to create custom widgets for dashboards, custom public website features, and custom internal user interfaces. For Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen Ministries, we created special user interface components that streamlined their internal content creation and sharing processes. In addition, we created custom web parts for their public facing websites to use the shared content and provide more advanced features for their constituents. We have provided this type of service for many happy customers over the years.


We have built many public facing web sites using the Sharepoint tools that are responsive to look incredible on all platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. It is possible to use current libraries like foundation and bootstrap to make web development simple and effective. We also have created apis that allow for mobile application integration to public site content as well as seamless ecommerce that does not require in-app purchase fees.