As a Microsoft Partner, we have had the pleasure of setting up Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help companies solve a diverse range of problems. Off the shelf, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is able to help companies improve customer engagement such as marketing and sales. We have the experience to integrate this proven product into your existing business infrastructure and deliver return on investment that this product promises.


If the standard off the shelf features of Dynamics CRM is not enough to handle your business needs, we can help you customize the framework for your particular business through customization of entities and/or adding plugins and workflows. We can help you customize the existing Dynamics CRM entities or even add new entities as needed.


Plugins can be used to extend the Dynamics CRM application. Custom code can be written to perform business logic when a record is inserted or updated or even when a group of records are queried. We have the experience to write the compiled .Net code and register that Plugin into the Dynamics CRM framework to inject business logic and have that Plugin triggered at the appropriate time to interact with your data efficiently.


Workflows can be used as an alternative to Plugins to automate business tasks by specifying a series of steps and rules. Workflows can be used on the existing off the shelf entities or even custom entities that you have added to the Dynamics CRM framework. We can help you identify when to use workflows instead of plugins and setup the steps and rules so that your automated tasks run efficiently.


We don’t stop at customizing Dynamics CRM because we can also integrate to external systems such as credit card processors, warehouse fulfillment, marketing systems, etc. We have intimate knowledge how to interface with web services, batch processing and other portals.


If you need to copy data from an existing CRM system to Dynamics CRM, we have the hands-on experience to get the job done. If you have a small amount of data to migrate, then using the Import Wizard might be all you need. But, for those large and complicated migrations, we have the technical expertise to create a customized SSIS package that can transform and copy large amounts of data to Dynamics CRM in the shortest time possible.